introductory videos

Here are some videos we filmed to help explain the Discipleship Bands concept and starting process. Some things have changed since then, like the introduction of our mobile app and some details about what a meeting should look like, but until we have new videos ready, these should help answer most questions you may have.

You can also download a free PDF of our Discipleship Bands: A Practical Field Guide booklet and share that with whoever you'd like.

video 1

video 2

video 3

video 4

video 5

video 6

video 7

video 8

video 9

Real-life Band Experiences

“We listen to one another, speak life over one another, and pray for one another. We desire to stay in keep in step with the Spirit, and we watch over one another in love.”

Steven Pulliam

“This kind of transparency and vulnerability is wildly countercultural, so this is a huge step, with the potential to deeply transform lives.”

Rachel Coleman

“When I am in the band meeting, I am in “the Zone,” God’s zone, proximity. There the Holy Spirit is at work in our lives.”

Jonathan Raymond

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